To preview our M2M service click the M2M v3 icon to go to the M2M login page.
Use the following details to log into the M2M service:

username = demo2       password = demo2019

Please scroll down to see all pertinent status information.


15 oct 2019

We have transferred the domain name of to the new service. This will be the default message board for both the older M2M v2 service and the newer M2M v3 service. You will need to click the appropriate link at the top of the page to access the M2M version you currently use. We are continuing to move the remaining customers to the new M2M v3 service. You will be contacted and given your new log in details when your loggers have been moved to the new service. If you experience any problems or have questions please click the "Contact Us" link above (or scroll to the bottom of this page) for our contact details. We thank you for your patience while we have been going through this upgrade.

M2m.v3 Status

15 oct 2019

The M2M v3 service is running normally. Be aware that the emailed alerts and reports will now be coming from You may have to change inbox rules to allow the new email address through the spam filters or rule sets you may have.

M2m.v2 Status

15 oct 2019

The M2M v2 service is running normally.